About Self Made Titan

Why Did I Create Self Made Titan?

Ending The Cycle

There was a point in my life when I felt trapped in the infinite loop of endless scrolling, captivated by the allure of social media and its fleeting highs of dopamine. Each day after work was an echo of the last — coming home, mindlessly scrolling, and ultimately feeling a sense of emptiness and dissatisfaction. Progress in my career seemed to have stagnated, and life, in general, felt at a standstill. At the time Self Made Titan did not exist, I was lost.

On a particularly challenging day, I decided to pause and take a hard look at how I was expending my invaluable time. The realization was stark — our time on this Earth is limited and precious, and I needed to pivot my habits. And the most powerful realization? The capacity to initiate this change resided within me all along.

Transformation Begins

My transformation journey commenced with a significant mindset shift. I started getting up earlier, I severed my ties with all my social media accounts, and redirected my time towards activities like meditation, reading, exercise, and soaking in the positive aspects of the online world. In this process, I stumbled upon a supportive community of individuals who were keen to help others like me — this encounter was genuinely transformative.

Adopting a new morning routine that set the tone for each day, marked the next crucial step in my journey. With every passing day, as I progressively distanced myself from certain aspects of my past life and embraced this new lifestyle, I found myself on an enriching path of self-discovery and growth. The first website I visited was menprovement.

Where Self Made Titan Started

And thus, Self Made Titan came to life — an embodiment of this extraordinary journey. A ‘Titan,’ by definition, represents an individual or entity possessing immense strength, intellect, or significance. Adding the term ‘self-made’ underscores the idea that we hold the power to extricate ourselves from any rut and shape our destiny.

What Is The Self Made Titan Mission?

With Self Made Titan, my mission is to pass on the wisdom and insights I’ve gained to those who find themselves in situations akin to what I once experienced. I aspire to inspire and navigate you through your unique journey of personal growth and self-improvement. United, we can tap into the latent Titans within us and make the most of our precious time.

I’m profoundly grateful for your company on this journey. Let’s rise, evolve, and flourish together. Welcome to the Self Made Titan community!

Confused about where to start? [Click here] to embark on your journey of transformation. You’re not alone; we’re in this together.

One particularly difficult day, I took a step back and truly reflected on how I was spending my precious time. It hit me that our time on this Earth is finite, and I needed to make a change. I realized that the power to do so was within me all along.