How To Be A Cool Guy: 11 Tricks To Be Cooler (As A Man)

Are you trying to find out how to be a cool guy?

Are you wondering how you can become a cool guy?

Well If so, this article is going to teach you how to become a cool guy, including 17 tips and tricks you can implement TODAY to become a cooler guy.

cool guy

The little changes we’re going to explore can have an impact, on how others perceive you. (and also on how you perceive yourself).

They will boost your confidence improve your success with women and people in general, and give you a sense of control over your life.

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And NOT just in bed: you’re going to implement these small actions In situations and settings. (not matter what it is) OR, in your interactions with your girlfriend or wife (or even with your ex) it’s important to portray yourself as a confident and assertive man who can fulfill her deepest desires and bring her immense pleasure.

…this is what will make her desire to be intimate, with you…. Even pursue you.

I will also provide you with some advice, on what to avoid in order to not appear needy or desperate.

Certain tips may require some effort to fully understand and implement while others can be easily incorporated into your approach.

So without wasting any time lets get started.

The Essence of Being A Cool Guy : Introductory Remarks

Being a cool guy isn’t about conforming to someone else’s standards. It’s about knowing who you are, embracing it, and displaying that authentic self to the world. Boldly. Unapologetically. And with a dash of flair. Here’s a peek into what this guide covers:

  • The pitfalls of neediness and how to sidestep them
  • Building unshakable self-confidence
  • Perfecting the art of humor
  • Amassing knowledge that intrigues
  • Ensuring top-notch personal hygiene

The 15 Strategies for Elevating Your Coolness Factor

becoming a cool guy is easy…

1. Independence>Neediness

The essence of a cool guy isn’t found in external validation.

Forge your path, make sound decisions, and prioritize your personal journey over fleeting distractions.

Cool Guy

True coolness arises from within. To truly shine, prioritize your independence over external influences.

Relying on oneself fosters authenticity and grit.

Cherishing independence empowers you, steering you clear from the fog of doubt.

It paves the way for self-discovery, igniting the path with purpose and passion.

Evade the trap of dependence. Celebrate your autonomy.

2. The Power Of Silence

A cool guy knows when to stay put

Often, the silent moments say more than a barrage of words ever could.

A man who understands the weight of silence knows its strength in a conversation. He’s someone with whom we feel a deeper connection.

Silence isn’t merely the absence of sound; it’s a tool to convey understanding, empathy, and patience.

Reflect: The Impact of Silence in Conversations

A masterful use of silence can also signify confidence and contemplation. It’s no surprise then that individuals who harness silence often find themselves in positions of leadership and influence.

Yet, like humor, the use of silence requires calibration. Used inappropriately, it can come off as disinterest or arrogance.

Misjudged silence can create barriers instead of bridges, pushing people away rather than drawing them in.

Recognize its power, use it wisely, and let your silence speak volumes.

3. Personal Hygiene

A well-groomed man captures attention effortlessly.

Hygiene isn’t just about cleanliness; it’s a reflection of self-respect.

Ponder on this: The Significance of Cleanliness.

It’s more than just a daily routine. It speaks volumes about one’s self-worth.

Neglected hygiene? It may portray neglect in other areas of life.

Whereas meticulous grooming projects self-care, making you instantly more appealing.

But caution! Overdoing can seem artificial. The key lies in genuine self-care, not mere appearance.

4. Fitness/Working Out

Physical strength mirrors inner resilience.

Train your body, sharpen your mind.

With every sweat drop, you’re not just building muscles, but character too.

Fitness isn’t a phase; it’s a lifestyle choice.

Prioritize it. Celebrate vitality.

5. Style

Style is a silent introduction.

Dressed well, you emit an aura of confidence.

Think about this:

Recall that guy who walked into a room and immediately got noticed?

That’s style speaking.

It’s not about pricey brands; it’s about aligning clothes with character.

Yet, there’s a caveat. Overemphasis on style can overshadow substance.

Find your signature style. One that harmonizes with your essence.

6. Attitude

Attitude determines altitude.

It’s the lens through which you view the world.

Reflect: The Role of Positivity.

More than just a mindset, it’s a force that drives actions.

A negative stance? It clouds opportunities, building barriers.

On the flip side, a positive attitude breaks chains, paving pathways.

But, be genuine. Feigned positivity is easily spotted and repels.

Let your attitude be your guide, illuminating your path.

7. Discipline

In chaos, find order through discipline.

Consistency breeds success.

When passion wanes, discipline remains, steering the ship.

It’s not rigidness; it’s purposeful action.

Cherish it. Thrive through it.

8. The Ability To Understand Others

a cool guy is in the know…

Understanding is the bridge to connection.

Deep connections stem from genuine understanding.

Ponder this:

Recall moments when someone truly understood you?

Felt great, right?

It’s a skill, weaving threads of empathy and awareness.

But beware! False understanding is a chasm, distancing relations.

Strive for genuine empathy. Dive deep into perspectives, embracing diversity.

9. Generosity

Generosity, a trait of the noble.

It’s not about grand gestures, but heartfelt giving.

Consider: The True Essence of Giving.

Beyond material, it’s about sharing wisdom, time, and energy.

Stinginess? It constrains growth, hindering relationships.

Generosity, though, fosters bonds and enkindles trust.

Yet, ensure sincerity. Ostentatious giving lacks warmth.

Embrace genuine generosity. Enrich lives, including your own.

10. Passionate

Fuel life with passion.

Passion is the fire that ignites dreams.

In its warmth, find purpose, direction, and vigor.

It’s not just emotion; it’s a driving force.

Hold onto it. Let it lead.

11. Always Striving To Improve

Growth is an endless horizon.

There’s no pinnacle, only plateaus before the next climb.


When was the last self-improvement you embraced?

Feels empowering, doesn’t it?

Continuous growth casts a glow of dynamism.

However, relentless pursuit without reflection can lead astray.

Chase growth with introspection. Weave improvements into your life’s tapestry.

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